Book List 2018

I've set a pretty big reading goal for myself this year - 100 books! I broke my goal up by type of book - fiction will likely be the hardest, I'm terrible about just enjoying a fiction book. But, it's part of my goal this year. I'm planning to track my progress and titles read here!

Non-Fiction (Goal: 35 books)

  1. Why We Love the Church: In Praise of Institutions and Organized Religion
  2. Simply Tuesday 
  3. Simply Classical 
  4. Positive Options for PCOS
  5. Family Worship
  6. Let Me Hear Your Voice: A Family's Triumph Over Autism
  7. Early Start Denver Model for Young Children with Autism 
  8. An Early Start for Your Child with Autism
  9. Understanding Applied Behavior Analysis
  10. Teaching Developmentally Delayed Children
  11. Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child
  12. Dumbing Us Down 
  13. The Well Trained Mind 
  14. The Read Aloud Family
  15. Teaching From Rest
  16. Managers of Their Homes 
  17. The Abolition of Man 
  18. Glory in the Ordinary 
  19. Down to Earth
  20. Lessons at Blackberry Inn
  21. Homeschooling with Gentleness
  22. Lies Women Believe
  23. Weapons of Mass  Instruction
  24. Learning All the Time

Fiction (Goal: 15 Books)

  1. This Present Darkness 
  2. All the Ever Afters
  3. The Handmaids Tale

Homeschool Prereads (Goal: 50 Books)

  1. In Grandmas Attic 
  2. The Ordinary Princess
  3. The Radical Book for Kids 
  4. TheOlogy

Chapter Books Read to Meghan

  1. The Riddle of the Robin
  2. Ashlyn's Unsurprise Party
  3. The Rainstorm Brainstorm
  4. The Princess in Black 
  5. The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party 
  6. The Princess in Black and the Hungry Bunny Horde

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