Thursday, June 21, 2018

How We're Doing Art Study in the Early Years

We are doing art study even though the littles in this house are 2 and 4 years old!

We have most of the Mini Masters board book series and love reading them. Because each book covers one artist, we have chosen to use them to determine what artists we will study (in the style of Charlotte Mason) during the little years. For each artist, I find about 6 printable art prints from that artist and have them printed at Office Depot. I then laminate them.

As we study each artist, we study each print for a total of 2 weeks. During that time, we learn it's name, we observe it closely - noting interesting things that we see, and I display it during "off time" on our recipe book holder in the homeschool/playroom for them to observe during the day.

After we have studied a print and moved on to a new one, we put the print in our Hoosier Family Art Book - a 3 ring notebook that we are filling with prints we have studied. This binder is available to the girls to look at whenever they would like. (Katie LOVES art study - she can regularly be found looking through the book of prints.)

While we study each artist, we also read the Mini Masters board book several times. The sweet stories help the girls anchor the prints of each artist to a story and stories help littles remember information. I love the way they will help the girls build a foundation of knowledge in the arts.

= = = = = = = = = =

We also have and love several of the Katie books. These are sweet stories of a girl named Katie (what originally caught my eye!) and her adventures in paintings at the museum. The books aren't strictly sorted by artist or time period, but they do expose the kiddo to great art (with name and artist) in the context of a story. We kind of love them!


  1. Where have you found the art prints? Are they purchased or simply images found online?

  2. I get many of my prints from finding art books cheap at thrift stores. I also have gotten many from the Ambleside Online site: There is also a Yahoo site for Ambleside Online with TONS of pictures you can download and print..

    I have not purchased any print portfolios or anything of that sort yet! I'm hoping to continue finding free prints or images we can view online.