Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Our Homeschool Space - In the Heart of the Home

I thought I would share about how we have adapted our home to be not only the place where we live and eat and play but also to be the space where we learn.

We want "school" to take place in the main space of our home. We want learning to just be a part of how we do life and to be as natural as eating a meal.

But we don't want our home to look like a "school" (nor do I believe that Charlotte Mason would have advocated for that design style as she considered education to be an atmosphere - that of the child's world as it is naturally).

Most of our indoor education takes place through the reading of books in the family room or during meals - and that's the way I intend for it to continue for years. The gift of a truly living curriculum and cuddles at the same time. But we also need space to store art/craft supplies, paperwork, manipulatives, etc....that is where our storage system comes in.

We use a cabinet that is in the space between our fridge and the table in our dining room that holds our Berkey water filter and our fruit baskets. We also use a few cubes in a Closetmaid organizer in the dining room to hold manipulatives and puzzles.

I didn't show in the video our puzzle cube in the white Closetmaid organinzer. We store puzzles at Meghan's current level in plastic bags with the cover picture from the box in it in a cube of the shelving unit and we can pick from there what puzzle she wants to do.

That's what our homeschool storage space looks like for now. We are fairly minimalistic so I don't see this space becoming more full in the future. In fact, as children age they need fewer things to aid their ability to learn so I could see this space storing even less in the future. 

It's been a work in progress, but I can honestly say I am absolutely in love with this system - it hold everything I need near and is easy to use throughout the day. 


Note: While we have chosen for our family and our home not to use a "school room" we do not believe that they shouldn't be used. For many families they make things easier, or more doable, and just work better. For our family, at this time, I don't think it would work. But that doesn't mean I don't love looking at beautiful pictures of Charlotte Mason inspired homeschool rooms :) 

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