Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Outdoor Toys that We Love

Before we had kids I spent a lot of time outside - reading, perennial gardening, growing produce, taking walks, etc. Being outside is a favorite activity of mine - and I'm happy to say that our girls love to be outside, too! 

We have been collecting outdoor toys since Meghan was born in preparation for her to be able to spend hours playing outside on nice days as she grew! It's important to me that the girls spend a lot of time outside exploring and playing and breathing in fresh air while they are young. When they looks back on their childhood I intend for them to remember a lot of time spent freely living in their imaginations - and I would like much of that time imagining to have been spent in the great outdoors! 

We have several fun outdoor toys for the girls. Here are some that we have have love:

Little Tikes Sandbox and a Variety of Buckets & Scoopers 
This is great for sensory and imaginative play! We filled ours with pea gravel and I love that over sand - it makes so much less mess and they play in it more than when we had sand. I highly recommend Green Toys brand toys in the sandbox - they are awesome and so durable! We have several different trucks, shovels, etc. by Green Toys and love them.

Little Tikes Wagon
This is so fun for hauling toys around the yard or loading full of cut grass! 

This one has been fun since before Meghan was walking - she would play with the switches and gas tank and now enjoys pushing it around outside. 

This one was a second birthday present for Meghan and one she enjoys driving around in it. I can't wait to see Katie playing in it soon, too.

Little Tikes Sports Gear - T-Ball, Basketball, Plus other Miscellaneous Balls
 Balls are also great fun to chase around the yard, shoot in a hoop, hit with a bat, or to drop down slides!

Water Table & Green Eats Dishes 
We built this water table and they use their toy dishes or other Green Toys toys from the sandbox to have fun in the water. 

We were given both of our Little Tikes slides. Because we live in town and garden extensively we don't have space in our yard for a large built-in swingset but this climbing toy gives the girls something that they can climb on, use for imaginative fort play, etc. 

Fubbles Bubble Machine and Tumbler 
I love Fubbles products because they do not spill! The tumbler makes it safe for the girls to try blowing bubbles without risking spilling the entire bottle of bubbles. While a bubble machine is not at all necessary, it has proven to provide so much fun for our bubble loving girls! 

Any sidewalk chalk will do - Crayola definitely seems to be very high quality!

Watering Cans - Hape and Green Toys 
So far Katie chews on her watering cans, but Meghan LOVES to help me water our flowers and produce. I'm sure Katie will be joining us, too, when she can walk!

Dollar Store Artificial Flowers
These are so fun to plant and pull up. Plant and pull up. Plant and pull up. For hours!!


  1. Great list! I'm trying to collect ideas and items for play for outside. This is our first time to have a backyard and the children to be able to freely play outdoors. I thought they'd be excited to simply run from one side to another, but not so much. They tend to stay on he patio (likely because that's what they've been used to until now). I'll have to look into some of the items you've shared to try to draw them out into the yard and into greater play. Thanks for sharing! :) -Whitney (Our Homemaking Story)

    1. I've found, Whitney, that with some basic toys available to her she spends tons of time just running around! She doesn't have much, but what she has encourages her to play and explore. We just put her small Little Tikes wagon outside (it had been an inside toy) and I've been amazed at the additional play it has encouraged this week! It's so exciting that you have a yard now - I'm sure the children will learn to play in and absolutely LOVE it! (Also, I often will sit in a chair and read while she plays - she can come and share something with me, but me looking busy encourages her to become fully engrossed in her own world of play!)