Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Closing This Space

We've been simplifying our days around this house. A. LOT.

The thought has been growing in my mind for a while and I kept pushing it aside.

The thought that it was finally time to close this space.

Writing here takes time from my family. While it's time I enjoy, it's still time.

But mostly, we are moving to less and there is less to talk about....we are getting more minimal about toys. More minimal about school. More minimal about our physical things. More minimal about how we do things around our house. Minimal about the things we do outside the house. And it's wonderful.

So, becoming more minimal online is a natural next step.

I will no longer be blogging in this space. I will be drastically reducing my involvement on Facebook as it's a place that often is very negative.

However, I will still be sharing on Instagram. It's a place where I can 'scrapbook' our lives daily - the cute pictures and things that the kids do or say. It's also a place where I can share the types of thoughts that I would have shared here on the blog - just in a shorter, more simple, more minimal format.

Please feel free to follow me there....I approve almost all follow requests but keep my account private to keep inappropriate accounts from following!

As I leave this place....God bless!


  1. Understandable. I've come to this conclusion regarding online presence. I thoroughly enjoy blogging and wish I could do more, but in this season of life with littles it's just not feasible. I've, therefore, determined the amount I am able to achieve and be satisfied with that. I've thought considerably lately on the impact attempting to do extra activities outside of caring for our children and home. Ultimately, life is just much more pleasant when I'm focused and fully committed to my home and family. As I've moved in this direction personally, online presence has become of less importance. (Though, as you can see here I do still enjoy spending just 10 minutes during naptimes to "catch up" online).

    I've enjoyed reading your posts on your blog. Many have been so inspirational and encouraging! Will you continue to have the blog be open to readers and simply not post new pieces, or will you remove it entirely? Wishing you all the best as you find the right balance for you and your family! See you on Instagram! :)

    1. Whitney, I still plan to leave the blog up. Just not to spend time here updating things. Who knows....maybe I'll come back someday. But, like you say, right now with these littles and the desire to be fully committed to them and my home this just has to go.

      See you on Instagram :)

  2. I so feel you on this! I've been feeling the same pull lately--less, less, less. Not just for the sake of some minimalist aesthetic, but because I believe it's what's better for my whole family. And amen to the Facebook negativity. I abruptly quit about a year and a half ago and it was literally life-changing (which is honestly kind of sad). I did make a new profile strictly for participating in some homeschool groups, which has been largely drama-free, but even then I find sometimes I need to take a break and step back. Good for you for making these changes!

    1. I agree, April, our family does better the less everything. After the election, since I'm trying to share something positive everyday until then, I plan to mostly stop participating on Facebook for anything except a few homeschool groups, as well. I wish more of my family were on Instagram - that's the main reason I get on Facebook is to let them see pictures of the girls. But, I don't seem to be winning that conversion.... :)

      See you on Instagram! And, someday it will happen, in person!!