Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Switching Over Kiddo Wardrobes...Our System

I have fond memories of switching over wardrobes with new sizes and seasons while growing up. I also remember that it was an organized process .... which I realize now as an adult was because my mom was very organized about it. So, I determined that I needed to create a system that would work for our family so that this mundane chore would be a time my children have fond memories of, as well. After all, growing bigger and growing up is something to be celebrated!!

I thought I would share my method, because I've just found that it works well. And it's simplicity is something that I absolutely love. It also works really well for those of us who attempt to purchase our kiddos wardrobes second hand!

I keep a spreadsheet on my computer which lists each type of clothes (pants, shorts, tees, long sleeves, etc.) and my 'goal' for how many of each item I would like to have. Then, when I bring home secondhand treasures, I add them to my spreadsheet numbers, wash them, and store them in large gray tubs for their size.

When it's time to rotate clothes, these are the things I gather....clothes boxes from under their beds (3 clear boxes per kid), the gray tub that is two sizes above the size they have outgrown and is being rotated out, and my computer (where my shopping list is).

I remove all of the clothes that are too small from the closet and put them away to be dealt with later (washed, folded, stored in a box to be passed down if they were from Meghan and washed, folded, and sorted into piles to give to family or sell if they were from Katie).

I then remove all of the clothes from the clear under bed boxes and hang them up or put them away in the drawers in the girl's closets. I put all clothes that currently fit in their closets at once - those that are the wrong season and church dresses are put up on the high rack so they are "out of sight, out of mind" for the girls and those that are appropriate are hanging for them to see.

Then I dump the gray box in the size that they will grow into next time we rotate and sort the clothes by type. I count the clothes and confirm that I have as many as I need of each type and add to my shopping list any "holes" we still have in the size of clothing where I still need to purchase something.

I then fold those clothes and put them away in the 3 clear bins. I store the next size of clothing out of sight under their beds so that they are easily accessible if they start needing the next size and I don't have time to do a full switch at the time (more a problem with a little baby, not my preschooler!). And, it also uses a space that's unseen but available so that we can have less large gray tubs of clothes to store elsewhere.

This system is so easy to maintain! I switched the girl's wardrobes over to the next size a few weeks ago. Even with the "help" of my two year old (who loves to sneak away with clothes and dress her babies with them), it took me less than an hour to switch both girl's closets. So. Simple. Just the way I like it!

(a thrift haul to fill the holes - this was a super successful trip!!)

Homemakers are busy people. I think it's very important for us to have routines for the mundane tasks whether they occur daily or every few months or once a year. I share our routines not because I think they are perfect or will work for any other home than ours, but as encouragement that we can find routines that work well for our families. It's always something we can be working to improve. I also share our routines as a springing-off point for planning a routine if you don't have one in place. I often find that reading what others do, trying it, and tweaking it for our family's needs can be a very helpful way to grow as a homemaker. I pray that these peeks into how we do the mundane are a blessing and an encouragement to those that read them!


  1. I'd be interested to see your lists! I'm still tweaking ours to find the right balance between too much and not enough.

    1. That's a great idea for another post, Whitney! It's kind of a messy spreadsheet and different with both kids so far (because Katie is a hard-core refluxer and needs more clothes). But, I can definitely organize it all and post it soon!