Wednesday, September 7, 2016

If You Have to Be There....Love It!

I value the role of a homemaker.
My husband values my role as homemaker.

A lot of the tasks I complete around the house are mundane, routine, and laundry. 

Unless you're going to join a nudist colony, laundry is a constant part of a homemaker's life.

 As is being in the laundry room. 

So, if you have to be it! 

I have been working during the years we have been living in this house to turn the places I have to be (pantry, linen closet, laundry room, etc.) into places that I love to be. 

It makes the chores a little less chore-y. 

I can honestly say I LOVE going into my laundry room. After a few years of collecting needed items, tweaking my systems, and working on putting my room together - the laundry room makes me smile. 

Between using things from elsewhere in the house, using leftover supplies from other projects, & using coupons and sales this room was "decorated" so frugally!

Pretty baskets, bright cloth bins, and glass jars hold all of the "things" that get stored in here and could so easily look junky - cleaners, microfiber cloths, clothespins, detergents, essential oils, cleaning cloths for mops/vacuums, seasonal candles, etc. Those things are all stored in here and easily accessible....but they don't look cluttered. Instead, by finding "nice" ways to store them, they look cute!

I have used colors that I love, design elements I love, and a quote that I love to make this space I have to be a space that I love to be. (This quote reminds me of a truth about our Hoosier Home that I always want to remember - borrowed from Mr. Bilbo Baggins!)

This is something I highly recommend to other homemakers! A little extra "happy" in the day is a wonderful thing! 

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