Thursday, August 4, 2016

Slow, Simple Living

I wanted to share something I shared last week on social media here on the blog....

"The past several months were hard months as a Mama. There was a miscarriage, an emotionally complicated infertility journey, morning sickness for 20 weeks, preterm labor, & bedrest. Then the birth of our rainbow baby - a sweet bundle, an easy baby - and awful post-partum anxiety despite the wonderfulness of her. I'm beginning to come out of the fog of all that has happened in the last 1.5 years and beginning to feel myself again.

Now, I am seeing things that were not intended to be the way we parented but that I did to survive. Meghan watched quite a bit of TV each day. I continued to introduce toys into her playroom without rotating enough out. I allowed our life to become much more loud & complicated than ever intended. While I think it was still far from many typical American homes, it was not at all like the quiet, peaceful, minimal, nurturing, environment for learning I intended our home to be.
So, we've been working backwards. I've been re-reading the book Simplicity Parenting (one of my favorites!!) & reminding myself of my deeply held values about how to help children thrive - the value of minimalism, connection, quiet, imagination, reading, free-time, nature, time to be. The value of family. I've drastically cut back on our screen time & substituted music instead - but she's now requesting that be off. She's been doing lots of art & creative activities with me. We've been reading together & she's been re-reading those books to her stuffed animals. She's been dancing & engaging in incredibly long, in-depth periods of imaginative play. These are all things we were doing before - but they are now done with much more intensity & intention. We have a bit further to go, but we're getting there. It's wonderful. It's not at all perfect. It's absolutely "different" than mainstream - but we are living the life that we love. And it's absolutely wonderful!!"
This journey "backwards" and perhaps even farther "backwards" than we were before the difficulty of the last year and a half is something I am very excited about but am still working to figure out. I'm not exactly sure where we will end up or how this will completely play out in our lives. While we are in this process, I will be stepping back from this space some and probably posting less frequently in order to spend more time focusing on the process and our simplification. Hopefully, I will find pockets of time in which to write about this experience as well as the topics I have previously written about! In the meantime, I leave you with this:

I have always loved this quote from The Lord Of the Rings, but even more as we are working through this journey and re-establishing the rhythms of our home and our family's life...

"And, yes, no doubt to others our ways may seem quaint....but it is no bad thing to celebrate a simple life."
      -- Bilbo Baggins


I will still, hopefully weekly, be posting on our family blog: The Hoosier Homestead Family 

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