Thursday, March 31, 2016

Simplifying Kitchen Gadgets - and - My Two Favorites

In the last year one of the things we have worked on is simplifying meal preparation and dishes in our kitchen. We made two big purchases that were able to significantly reduce the number of "tools" we can use in our kitchen while reducing the actual number of appliances we are storing. These two machines do so many tasks in our kitchen and see frequent use each week!

(Image from Amazon) 

We bought the Instant Pot during a sale on Amazon and were able to get rid of our slow cooker, pressure cooker (not pressure canner), and rice cooker. This one pot easily completes all of the tasks of those three appliances. It also has a yogurt maker, though I am excited about that function, I have yet to try it.

The instant pot is incredibly easy and intuitive to use. It cleans up incredibly easily and I have loved having this one simple tool enhance my kitchen cooking!!

(Image from Amazon) 

We also purchased this Zojirushi Electric Skillet. This skillet is not on coils and thus heats completely evenly. It does an amazing job cooking meat, preparing one pot meals, frying foods (including bacon), and cooking oatmeal. This thing gets used almost every single day. By using it to cook rather than a pot on the stove, Meghan is able to be closer to me while I am cooking and see what I am doing while I cook in a safer way.

Neither of these appliances are super cheap, but both have been worth the investment we made for our family! They have significantly simplified the cooking process for our family!

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