Thursday, March 24, 2016

Learning in the Kitchen - Our Ikea Hack Learning Tower

Meghan loves to be by Mommy's side. She loves to help. She loves to see everything that's going on.

Having a learning tower for her has been wonderful! While I wanted us to have a safe way for her to be in the kitchen helping me, I just wasn't sure I could justify the cost of one ordered from an educational/montessori type of catalog. However, we found a wonderful hack that used a stool from Ikea and a few additional pieces of lumber (if your husband likes to build things, it could all be scrap!).

Cole said it was easy to cut and prepare the pieces, I was able to paint them without them put together (I used leftover paint from our trim so it looks nice in our kitchen), and then he attached all the pieces easily one Saturday morning. And for the learning tower and Meghan, it was love at first sight!

Meghan enjoys standing beside me while I cook and I enjoy knowing that she is safe in her enclosed space. She also uses it when working on one of her chores - putting away the silverware - which she loves to help me with. She also often eats while standing in her tower; especially with a baby who had feeding difficulties and delays, being able to mix up where and how she ate was so helpful!

We highly recommend these learning tower directions: Lucy's Learning Tower. For a small price tag, this wonderful resource can join your kitchen as well!

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