Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Library Bag

Meghan and I have been enjoying trips to the library. I enjoy listening to books on cd while working on "mundane" housework. I also love reading about homesteading and gardening. Little miss enjoys looking at new books, listening to new music, and occasionally watching new dvds.

Knowing that we intend to homeschool, the library will probably always be a place that our family regularly visits and so I want to be intentional in having a system in place for managing things that are borrowed.

Eventually, that will probably involve a library basket on the floor as it has in the past. For now, I don't want Meghan to have access to library materials at her leisure...she's just not quite old enough for that responsibility.

I have decided to dedicate a bag to be the library bag.

This is a bag that my mom made us while we expecting Meghan. She knew that mama's need bags because babies need things. When Meghan was little I would use this bag when I didn't need her full diaper bag. Or I would use it when I took her to a friend's house and needed to pack her naptime things. Now, it's our library bag.

I don't want to carry a purse while I am in the library. Keeping track of a toddler in a place where there is so much to see is full time work and I need as little else to keep track of as possible. The bag has pockets inside where I can put my phone and my keys while we are looking. Once the bag is full, we realistically have all that we need to borrow.

I purchased a badge holder and looped it through a Dr. Seuss ribbon and looped that ribbon onto the bag - my library card stays in the badge holder at all times. It's a perfect system to make sure we have it every time we go to the library.

Between library visits, all of the library things stay in the library bag and it is ready to head out when the mood to go to the library hits! This system works so well for us! So simple and always ready!


  1. I love this bag! It's so pretty! We have a set bag for carrying books to and from the library, but it's not nearly as cute :) I also have two crates for library books- books to read, and books we are done with!

  2. Oh! I like the idea of two crates for library books! Once the girls can be trusted with books on their level, we may have to try that!!