Thursday, January 28, 2016

Calcium Support for Tomatoes

It seems a little early to be talking about the nutrient needs of tomatoes? Yes.

But it's time to start preparing to support them!

Last year, we used egg shells when we planted to help provide the tomatoes with added calcium to help prevent blossom end rot. Blossom end rot plagued my garden for several years, but last year I dealt with is so much less than before (like almost none at all)! Here's what I did:

Beginning in March, I began saving all of my egg shells. Instead of dumping them in the composter, I allowed them to dry slightly and dumped them in a freezer bag. I stored all of my egg shells in the fridge so that they would not start to smell. Friends also brought me some of their egg shells :)

Come time to plant my tomato plants, I pulsed my egg shells in the food processor until they were in very small pieces. I dug my deep hole, plopped about a handful of the egg shell pieces into the hole, and then planted my tomato plant as normal.

That's it - so easy and no extra money needed!

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