Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dishes for Kids

We choose to allow Meghan to use plastic dishes while learning how to self feed. We were certain that we wanted her working on feeding herself, controlling her own appetite, and developing healthy eating habits and did not want to fear having our nice fiesta ware broken in the process.

After much reading, research, talking to people, and shopping around I came up with our plan and have not regretted these choices! I absolutely LOVE all of the products I am going to share today!

For most of Meghan's dishes we use RePlay. These dishes are made from recycled #2 plastic - milk jugs! They are free of BPA, phthalate, and PVC and made in the USA. We have six plates, six glasses, and six bowls.

(images from Amazon)

For spoons and forks we use the Gerber toddler forks and spoons. I love that the fork can easily stab her food, that they are made of stainless steel like adult silverware, and that they have a part that allows them to sit stably when a parent loads the fork or spoon and sets it down for the kiddo to pick up.

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For drinking, we have the RePlay glasses that we use when working on open cup drinking and are our plan for the toddler years.
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While training Meghan for drinking from an open cup, we used the Munchkin trainer cup. It helps kiddos to learn that they need to create a seal with their bottom lip and how to do the sucking motion with their top lip in order to move the liquid into their mouth. I don't know if this is a necessary tool for all children; but, Meghan has oral motor delays and so tools that gently guide her mouth through the process of drinking correctly have been wonderful!

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We chose the Contigo water bottle as a long term drink container for Meghan. A friend said that she had one and it never leaked and that sounded absolutely wonderful! We have two of them and agree with her, they don't leak!  They are easy and natural to suck and do not leak when kiddos walk around with them. Because of their one-piece lid which cannot be completely washed, these should only be used for water.

(image from Amazon)

We use these First Years Simple Straw Cups for Meghan's milk. They don't have a very strong spill-proofing which does make for some mess (I would never put it in the diaper bag!) but also makes for a very natural and simple sucking pattern to get her milk. 

(image from Amazon)

After learning to drink from a straw, Meghan can now drink out of any waterbottle or straw - her lips and mouth have learned how to effectively suck with these cups! Yay!


Those are the dishes we have and love for Meghan. We tried other dishes and were less impressed or did not think they effectively met our needs. These are the ones that stuck! Any of them are given a glowing review from me. We love recommending these products to our family and friends!

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