Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Learning Geography

Sorry I haven't been sharing here recently....there's a new little student on it's way to this house and the first trimester has been difficult. We aren't doing much school at all. Mostly just doing lots of reading whenever I feel up to it. Meghan has been loving all of the books, but I think she will be very excited for Mama to be feeling better and getting back to more "official" tot school soon!

However, all of that reading has brought about some adorable geography learning. Check this girl out....

She can say Asia, Africa, and Europe. She can point to them on a very simple map when I say a continent name. She can name them when I point to them on a very simple map.

So far we have only been using one resource for geography and I thought I would share!

We love this book series! The map work book introduces the terms continents and oceans when looking at a map. It then has a page for each continent where the outline of the continent is raised and there are pictures of animals that live on that continent. On the last page, there is a flap to open up a big and very simple map. We've read this over and over as Meghan just loves it - and she's picking up terms I wasn't even expecting her to learn! 

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