Thursday, August 6, 2015

Preserving Cilantro

The typical way our family uses cilantro is to make Chipotle Style Rice or other recipes where the cilantro is cooked into the meal; we rarely use it as a garnish on top of a meal.

Because it does not need to be crisp leaves when used in our recipes, there is a super easy way to preserve it in the summer for use throughout the year....

I chop up my cilantro, fill the squares of a Tovolo ice cube tray with the chopped leaves, and then fill with water until the squares are evenly filled. Allow the trays to freeze, pop out your herb ice cubes, and store in a gallon bag in the freezer until needed.

To use these, I just add them near the end of the cooking time in my recipes. The ice quickly melts and leaves behind the flavor of fresh chopped cilantro! It really works quite well!!

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