Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Color Book

We keep Meghan with us during the entire church service - yes, even the sermon. And, being a toddler, she does not have the skill necessary to sit quietly through the entire thing. Eventually we expect her to sit and listen and draw what she hears - but right now we just try to keep her busy and quiet.

One of the toys that she enjoys during church is this color book. It was so simple to make and has provided hours of fun for her! Let me share how to make one...

To make this book, you are essentially sewing two small quilts and then stitching a seam to attach them into a book. 
  1. For each color, cut 4 blocks of fabric that are the same size (and half an inch larger than you want the finished size; I think mine were 4 inches). 
  2. Sew each color's page, inserting ribbons into the seams if you want "taggies". Be sure to iron your seams flat.
  3. This is where it gets tricky to be sure that you have the book constructed in rainbow order. Pin right sides together and sew on one side - orange and blue together, yellow and green, and red and purple. (Just trust me right now - this is correct!). Again, iron your seams flat. Attach any buttons that you would like on your pages now.
  4. Cut out two pieces of batting the same size as your "two page spread." Also cut out a cover this same size. 
  5. Time to sandwich your quilts!! On a flat surface lay your orange and blue page down with orange on the left and right sides up. On top of that, place your yellow green page with yellow on top of orange and green on top of blue. On top of that place your batting. Pin this together.
  6. To sandwich your second quilt, place your cover fabric on the table, right side up. On top of this, place your red and purple page, right side down. Add your batting and pin together. 
  7. Carefully sew around each of your quilts, leaving space to turn it right side out. 
  8. Turn your quilts right side out and iron flat. In the opening you left, neatly fold the unfinished edges under, iron, and pin in place. 
  9. Carefully sew a seam 1/4 inch in, around each of your entire quilts. This will both close your opening and give your pages more strength. 
  10. Lay the cover of your book on the table with red and purple facing up. Add the second quilt to the top, laid so that orange and red touch and blue and purple touch. Carefully line up your seams in the middle, pin, and stitch a straight stitch down the middle of your books (be VERY sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of this seam - it will need the strength for sure!).

 It's a very simple process, though it gets a little "thinky" in the middle if you are trying to make sure your pages go in order :) Please share pictures if you decide to make a color book for your little one!

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