Thursday, July 9, 2015

Toddler (and beyond) Belt Tutorial

Our little girl is a skinny girl - skinny like the doctor is a bit worried about her skinny. We cloth diaper and that is the only reason pants have the potential of staying up. However, if I look to her 2T shorts and pants (the ones that she now needs in length), there are many that will not stay up well despite having the adjustable waistband. I put the question of where to find belts out on facebook and several friends recommended to try making them. It was so easy! And so cheap! The webbing was less than $1 per yard and I was able to make 3 belts out of two yards!

Here's what I did: 

I cut the webbing to her waist length in pants plus five inches. I don't think it needed to be plus five inches - but these will fit forever now :) Cut a piece of ribbon 4 inches longer than your webbing. Center the ribbon on the webbing wrapping 2 inches around each end and pin in place. 

Sew along the very edge of the ribbon backstitching along where you started. Iron.

Add a snap at one end. Measure on your child and put the other side of the snap where they need it. As she grows, you can add more snaps to match her new size!

Enjoy the cuteness of a toddler in a belt! Oh my is it adorable! 

In total, I made her three belts: a hot pink zebra print, a purple and pink polka dot, and a black with white polka dots. She is set for less than $5 in materials!! 

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