Thursday, May 28, 2015

Toddler Bibs

We had Green Sprouts bibs that we purchased for Meghan - my mom embroidered them and we have loved using them! However, they are getting short on her long little torso and, as we are approaching the age where we start introducing independent fork and spoon use, we need bibs that are long enough to cover her entire shirt. Looking online, bibs I could order that were bigger were either the water proof style (which she hates using!) or pull over the head (which she also would hate!). So I decided to make some. I used the pattern from Fishsticks Designs but my own method for fabric. 

For the front of the bibs I used cute quilting cotton prints leftover from a quilt. For the backing I cut up a bath towel. These bibs are not waterproof - but for a toddler, that's not important to me. I love the way these turned out! 

First - print the pattern and cut your pieces. 

Then - pin the front and back pieces together with right sides together. Sew all the way around the outside leaving a space to turn the bib inside out.

Then - after sewing around the bib, trim down the edges. Turn it inside out, pin in place and stitch around the outside edge to make a more finished looking french seam. 

Finally - pick out and install a snap. (I have this snap press and absolutely LOVE it!)

How cute is that bib?!?

It's so easy and quick - and oh-so-cute - that you might as well make three while you're at it! 

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