Thursday, April 9, 2015

Favorite Books :: 0-1 Year

Meghan has at least 75 board books - I had many from my years of teaching. I have thrifted even more since. We've kept many on her Amazon wishlist that grandparents, aunts, and uncles have purchased for her.

I love reading and I hope to pass that love of reading on to my kiddo. While Cole doesn't love reading himself, he loves reading to his baby girl. So far, she also demonstrates a love for being read to and a love for looking at books herself; at 13 months she will read to herself for 15 minutes or listen to me read for 15-30 minutes!

Here are some of our favorites during the less-than-one-year stage:

You are My Cupcake
This book is not great literature but is super cute. And Meghan giggles, rocks, and smiles at us throughout the entire reading. She loves the bright simple  illustrations.

Hello Bugs and Hello Animals
These are black and white books with a shiny part of every page. The simple images are attractive to even the youngest babies and the simple images help children learn to identify bugs and animals.

That's Not My ______ Series
These were the first touch and feel books that Meghan engaged in independently. She loves to read them and can find the touching part independently. They also have pages that are easy to turn because they are a bit thicker due to the touch and feel materials. We have That's Not My Dolly, That's Not My Dinosaur, That's Not My Pirate, and That's Not My Puppy - we love them all!

Sandra Boynton Books
These books have a lyrical rhythm that is fun to read, bright colorful pictures that are fun to look at, and sweet stories that Meghan and her parents enjoy! We have a lot of these, but some of our favorites are The Going To Bed Book, Happy Hippo Angry Duck, Hey Wake Up, Birthday Monsters, and Blue Hat Green Hat.

My Big Animal Book  and Others in the Series
Meghan loves looking at the pictures in these books. They are simple photographs, which I love for introducing her to simple vocabulary. Their big size makes them perfect for looking at together or for Meghan to crawl onto them while patting and talking to the pictures. She has the Big Word Book, Big World Book, and Big Animal Book.

The Story of  _____ Series
This series of books retells stories in the Bible or stories from history for children in a way that is very simple and to the point. Meghan was able to pay attention to an entire story in these books starting at around 9 months. It's a fun way to teach children popular Bible stories and the reasons behind holidays - for example, we read The Story of Christmas every day in December!

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  1. I sure do love a good Sandra Boynton book! My kids also really enjoyed the Lift a Flap books by DK Publishing and I appreciated that the flaps were sturdy enough to withstand their love :)