Thursday, March 5, 2015

Secondhand Lifestyle :: Cleaning Secondhand Items

An understandable concern people have about purchasing second hand is cleaning those secondhand items. I am aware of the importance of cleaning things that come from a source you may not know; this is how I clean secondhand items that come into our home: 

For all cloth items - These go through the wash. Usually twice. If I purchase them from someone I know, they get washed once. Clothes, cloth books, etc. that are from garage sales or thrift stores go right into the laundry pile before being used. 

Toys/Dishes/Things that Fit in the Dishwasher - They get hand washed and then run through the dishwasher. 

Large Toys or Things that Can't Be Washed as Listed Above - This is where the rules get broken - I whip out Clorox wipes for these. Since I cannot know the cleanliness of the prior home, I want something strong to clean the item! This is especially true if my daughter might chew on the item. After using the Clorox wipe on them, I am sure to wipe them down with simple water and a cloth to clean the Clorox off. 

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