Thursday, February 5, 2015

Preserving Juice :: Use Baby Bottles

Meghan struggled a lot with eating when she was a young baby, we've been on a long journey to help her find healing. Along the way, we ended up trying a variety of different baby bottles to see if a change in bottle type would help her. That left us with a whole lot of baby bottles that we weren't using. That felt like a waste. 

Then I discovered that baby bottles are designed to be able to be frozen. This is a great way to preserve juice! Whether it's juice you make yourself and want to use later or juice from the store - this is an awesome way to conserve space in the freezer and preserve those juices. 

This has been very helpful for us: Meghan has to have a few ounces of prune juice in order to keep her bowels moving appropriately. When we open a container of juice from the store, we could not use all of it before it goes bad as we use so little a day. We freeze it in bottles and then can pull 8-10 ounces out at a time!

You can purchase a large set of baby bottles for very little money on Amazon or at a big box store. That makes this a very frugal way to preserve on the homestead! 

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