Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Baby Things :: 0-6 Months

We are generally minimalistic around here; I disdain clutter and don't like feeling like I'm surrounded by stuff. We are fairly minimalistic about how many baby things we have - but also chose to purchase anythings that we thought would be helpful for and enjoyed by our baby girl. Here are the things that we found "essential" during the first six months of Meghan's life:

Bibs & Burp Cloths
I made tons of my favorite burp cloths and loved the bibs that I bought and my mom embroidered with super cute little geek baby phrases.

Miracle Blankets
Meghan could break out of her velcro swaddle blankets and could not sleep at all without being swaddled. These blankets, while pricey, are worth it! They held her tight and secure until she started rolling over and they were no longer safe.

Baby K-Tan
Meghan hated the sling and hated the Moby. I put the K'tan on my wishlist an took it back off several times because I wasn't sure that she would stay in it. But, my mother-in-law looked at my wishlist one time when it was on there and purchased it for me. The first time we put Meghan in it, our colicky little girl cuddled into Mama and her whole body relaxed. It proved to be an effective way to help her through rough days whether from no naps or pain. It was also a wonderful way to hold her while working in the garden or around the house. I can't say enough good things about this wrap - it does everything that a sling or Moby could do and is much easier to put on!

Muslin/Flannel Blankets
We didn't use these blankets to swaddle Meghan, but they are great for laying on the floor and putting baby on, for putting on surfaces (ie - leather couches) so that baby doesn't spit up on them, to wrap around a baby you are rocking, or to put over a carseat. As Meghan got older, she began to love holding and chewing on these blankets. We also had several flannel blankets (the same size) that were made by me, my mom, and friends.

Large Floor Blankets
Once baby is wiggling and moving more, we loved having larger quilts to lay her and her toys on than the above mentioned blankets. This gave more space that helped to protect the floor from spit up and drool as well as attempting to protect the baby from constant dog hair eating.

This was a great safe place to put Meghan when we had to leave the room (since we had a dog). It was an easy place to put a few of her toys attached to the side for her to play with. It was a great place to set her so she was closer to the fan that she loved watching. It's a great place to allow her to practice playing independently. It's also a great place to sleep on the road.

Bathtub, Towels, Baby Wash & Lotion
We didn't originally buy a baby bathtub - we figured we could just bathe her with us. We changed our minds and purchased a super basic tub. Bathtime has since turned into one of Meghan's very favorite parts of the day - I'm so glad we got it for her. We were gifted three bath towels made with a washcloth sewed onto the side of a bath towel - we love them because we can wrap all of baby girl up in them even still at 8 months - they are thick, long, and warm! We use Babyganics, Earth's Best, or Healthy Times baby products on Meghan's skin.

Diapers & Wipes & Changing Pads
We love our assunta diapers. We use kirkland signature wipes from Costco. We have several flannel changing pads to put underneath Meghan when we are changing her. We have some of these liners as well; I keep one of those in the diaper bag as a changing pad.

Layered Crib Sheets
The best tip in the world is to layer your crib sheets (my mom made our crib sheets). First put on a waterproof cover, then a sheet, then a cover, then a sheet.....repeat for as many sheets as you have. When baby spits up or has a diaper explosion, remove offending sheet and cover and the bed is ready to go again right away!

Favorite Toys
I wrote about our favorite 0-3 month toys here and I wrote about our favorite 4-6 month toys here.

Bottle Feeding Supplies
I wrote extensively about our bottle feeding supplies already, check it out!

Any essentials from your first  6 months you would recommend; anything I forgot?

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