Monday, October 20, 2014

This Work That I Do

Last night I was talking with Cole about what my plans were for this week. I need to do my grocery shopping, mow the lawn, weed the gardens, and have a ton of work to do in the kitchen. Along with my other typical house cleaning tasks. And all of that second to caring for our precious baby girl.

I said something along the lines of "I don't know how so many other women are able to do so much outside of just the basic care of the home. That keeps me so busy!" To which my husband said "I don't think most people have tasks like 'grind oat flour' on their to do list."

That got me to thinking....partially by choice and partially because of celiac disease and other health issues, my days are full of many tasks that others may not have. I have been busy recently with canning, and harvesting, and tending our fall garden, and grinding flour. I have health problems which require additional kitchen work and we have chosen the lifestyle of urban homesteading. It just brings additional work - work that I enjoy!

The work that I do is important. I am so content here.

Today I took notice of the tasks that I was completing - and noticed just how thankful I was for each of them.

I chopped up and froze several green peppers I picked from our plants yesterday.

I lightly cooked a few pears and apples from a friend's dads farm and made some delicious apple-pear sauce for our family to enjoy.

I picked the last three watermelons from our garden yesterday. Today I juiced the smallest one.

I got almost a 1/2 gallon of watermelon juice and 1 quart of apple-pear sauce. So pretty - LOVE the colors!

The same friend we got the apples from also shared some sweet potatoes with us. I made up these sweet potato fries for Miss Meghan - she enjoyed one with her dinner tonight!

I ground 4 gallons of oat flour - this has completed my flour stock-up for the winter! The grinder is loud and makes a floury little mess so I like to use it outside. I have been working to stock my freezer with flour so hopefully I won't need to grind during the super cold Kansas winter days.

These tasks are so mundane. So typical around here. But today I was able to see them for what they are - an amazing blessing. A place to meet God. A way to serve those I love.

This is a good place. I am contentedly busy. I am blessed.

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