Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our Cloth Diaper Stash

We have been loving cloth diapering Meghan! She seems to like her cloth diapers, I love the cute prints, and they really haven't created any more work than comes with simply having a baby in diapers.

We have made some changes to our stash since I posted before her birth. We found out that she can be a heavy soaker - prefolds and covers just were not a workable system for her. But, we loved the pocket diapers we had purchased - they kept her dry and held up through an entire nap without leaks!

We were having do wash diapers before we had a full load in order to keep up with her diaper needs - even then we had to sometimes use disposables while all of her diapers were dirty or drying.

So, we made some new purchases - we've still spent less on cloth diapers than we would have on disposables to this point. Our current in-use diaper stash looks like this:

23 pocket diapers from Assunta

13 Assunta bamboo inserts

10 Thirsties hemp inserts (these are more absorbent for naps or running errands)

2 large Planetwise wet bags that we rotate through being in the laundry and holding dirty diapers
1 small Planetwise wet bag that we use in the diaper bag

This system works GREAT for us!!

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