Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Favorite Baby Toys 4-6 Months

It's amazing how much a baby changes from the time they are 3 months to the time they are 6 months! Meghan became much more engaged in playtime once she became mobile and developed much stronger fine motor skills. This time period also brought with it teething - so things that feel good in her mouth became favorites!

Knowing that we are minimalistic about baby toys and believe in only having what we use and she truly enjoys playing with, here are the toys that have been favorites during this time period and that we would be sure to have if/when we are blessed with another little one:

Our MOST Essential:

Easy to pick up, easy to get in her mouth, and it rattles! It's a favorite!

Infantino Balls
She doesn't play with most of the set yet, but the yellow one is easy to pick up and great to teethe on! 

Chew Beads Bracelet
This toy is silent, so great to take to church. It's super easy for her to pick up, hold, and manipulate. The soft silicone is great for teething. 

Silicone Teethers
This one is easy to hold (harder than the above toys). It has a textured surface that she loves to rub across her mouth.

Other Favorites:

"Maizy" - Cloth Doll 
Meghan enjoys fabric that she can rub in her hands - the dress of this doll is fuzzy on the outside and silky on the inside, which she loves. She also enjoys teething on the pigtails and kissing her when we bring her to Meghan's mouth.

"Charlotte" - Stuffed Animal/Blanket Combo
She loves rubbing this fabric against her face - we have two - one for home play and one that stays in the carseat.

Carseat Toy
After discovering the monkey hanging on her carseat, Meghan loved talking to him and holding onto his ring. 

Frozen Teethers 
The frozen feeling seems to feel great!

Crinkle Toy
She loves crinkle sounds. The bag of Costco wipes works well in addition to this toy. Though, this toy has teethers for feet which she enjoys as well.

This is an off-brand version of the ever popular Sophie the Giraffe. The ears are fabulous for chewing on - just beware, drool pools in the ears! Eeewww!

A bumpy pacifier - she loves it!! 

Little People Animals
Little People Animals are easy to hold and chew on. The horse's head is especially useful :)

Simple Rattles
She has two different rattles and enjoys watching them move and the sound that they make.

These keys are easy to chew and easy to hold. They are sometimes a favorite though sometimes she is uninterested in them.

Bigger Toy Favorites:

Baby Einstein Jumperoo 
This is her FAVORITE! She enjoys bouncing in it and playing with the fun toys. It's a favorite place to hangout while mama works on dinner and a favorite place to practice talking! 

Doorway Jumper 
This is in her bedroom now and she enjoys bouncing around in it and chewing on it while I work on the laundry, making her bed, etc.

Baby Swing
This was a very popular toy until about 4.5 months. Meghan loved swinging and it made her so happy - and then she was DONE! It was something only for babies!! 

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