Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Family Growth Chart

I LOVE the way this growth chart turned  out! It was fairly simple to put together and will be a fun place to track our child(ren)'s growth throughout childhood!

I read several tutorials and combined many steps from each to create my own method:

1) Purchase a 6 foot board in your desired width. You will also need a square, tape measure, painters tape, wide width sharpie marker, and mailbox numbers.

2) Stain and allow to dry well.

3) Choose which side will have your lines and numbers, along the edge of that side of the board, run painters tape.

4) Use a square (triangle shaped) and a tape measure to mark on the tape where your lines will be for your ruler - we chose to make a line every three inches.

5) Determine how long the lines will be for 3 inches & 9 inches, 6 inches, and 1 foot markings.

6) It's time to start drawing lines on in sharpie. I chose to have my board hanging six inches off of the ground, so my first mark on the board was at 9 inches. Lay a small piece of painters tape on your board where you want the line to end. Line the square up with the mark on the side of your board. Use the square as a straight edge and draw a line with your sharpie marker from the edge of the board to your painters tape. Touch up the line as needed.

7) Remove the painters tape and repeat step 6 at each 3 inch mark - make sure you keep track of what measurement you are at so you now how long to make each line!

8) Once all of your lines have been drawn, remove all of the painters tape. Determine how you want your number displayed - standing up or sideways - and attach them.

9) Add some rings to the back and hang your board. Remember to hang it on the wall so that the measurements are correct - therefore, the bottom of my board is 6 inches off  of the ground. Add your measurements when you decide it's time - our first measurement is at 19.75 inches. That's how tall little miss was at birth!

This was a fun project that took minimal time yet looks absolutely adorable hanging in our hallway. And, I love that we will be able to take our children's growth chart with us if/when we move from this house!

(Hanging on our mostly empty wall - getting this thing decorated is a current project!!)

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