Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Favorite Baby Toys 0-3 Months

Babies don't do a whole lot of playing in the early days - but there were a few things that Meghan seemed to LOVE playing with (or, really, looking at) during the first few months of her life. We aren't fans of having tons of baby things and toys, but some things we found were totally worth having are: 

Black and White Books:

We would set these up in her pack-n-play and turn the page every day or so. She loved looking at the pictures in these books and they were the books that she would listen to us read while looking at the pictures. We own these books

Toys hanging in the Pack-N-Play: 

Meghan had two of these - one from my parents and one from us - these were the first toys that she was able to play with and manipulate with her fingers. We have these:

Sassy Spinner: 

At first, Meghan only watched this toy as Cole and I spun it for her. Then, she began figuring out how to make it spin herself and it became an even more favorite toy. We purchased this on amazon:


This one was easy for her to slip her fingers into and hold onto. Once she saw it, she could grab it and make it move & rattle - she loved that! There are tons of different o-balls, but this is the one we have:

Crib Mirror: 

Meghan would look at her reflection in this mirror. She enjoyed watching that other baby move. There are a variety of mirrors, the one we have is this one:

The Fan: 

Yup, this was her favorite toy. Turned on or turned off, she loved watching the fan...this love continued long past the 3 month mark.

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