Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sharing Some Favorite Articles :: Parenting

There are some bloggers out there who have articulated my thoughts far better than I could ever hope to; I thought I would share some of these articles that I have enjoyed and that express something that is very important to us at the Hoosier Home. These are articles I return to for encouragement!

Dear Parents with Young Children in Church
This article (while not all of the church traditions mentioned in the article are the same as ours) points out the importance of having children at church. It's exhausting to do church with Meghan in my arms - but we believe it is so valuable to have her there with us. Church is a continuation of and a communal act of the worship that has been going on in our home all week - Meghan has been with us all week and we desire for her to be with us on Sunday. She is learning passion for Christ; she is seeing God's people join together in worship; her heart is being exposed to the beauty of God's creation in the church. We truly believe it is worth the work to have her there with us!

Walking in my Footsteps
This article talks about involving her daughter in the day to day tasks of a mothers day - as a way to train her daughter in household skills and to have the time to speak into her heart and life. As Meghan grows, even at this young age, my desire is to include her in the many activities of my day. She enjoys being in the kitchen while I cook or going to the garden with me. She does not just need "managed" she needs instructed, trained, and poured into. That is how I want to fill her days - with wonderful memories of time spent alongside of her Mama!

When Satan Steals Your Motherhood
I never imagined the feelings of complete incompetency I would feel after becoming a mother would be so strong. It's so easy to see all of my shortcomings and all of the ways I fail in my day - the ways that I just don't measure up. I'm in awe of the little person God has given me and I want to be "perfect" for her and for her Daddy. But I can't be, I'm human - and I need to lock Satan out of my head and heart. I don't need his prodding me to be discontent - I am right where God wants me and am growing in my ability to do this job well. I refuse to allow Satan to steal the joy out of my motherhood journey - God has given a good gift in my hubby and daughter - and I want to enjoy every bit of that goodness!!

My Daughter Is Beautiful and I'll Tell Her So If I Want To
I love this article! We tell Meghan that she is cute, adorable, beautiful, etc. all of the time - she is! She is also a smart baby with a sweet disposition. We believe that God has called her to a remarkable purpose and that he has a wonderful will for her life. But none of that changes the fact that she is beautiful. She is beautiful now - she's not wearing make-up, she's not dressed fancy - she, in her natural God given state is beautiful. And we intend for her to know that - all of our daughter was made by God - and all of it is beautiful.

Dear Mom Who Tried To Breastfeed and Thinks She Failed
We had every intention of me breastfeeding Meghan and worked really hard at it; we worked really really hard. And, it worked for less than 6 weeks. Meghan has feeding difficulties and some days it is hard not to think to myself that maybe if I had still been nursing her she wouldn't have them. But, that is a lie. We did all we could and have to trust God from there. This article makes the point that God has repeatedly reminded my heart - think about 1 Corinthians 13 - without love all we do is meaningless. I feed my baby girl; I hold her and cuddle her and sing to her through difficult feeds and do my best to reassure her little self that it is okay even though eating is hard. I have great love for my daughter -- and that is enough.

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