Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our Cloth Diaper Washing Routine

We are LOVING cloth diapering around here. We are several weeks into it and I feel like we have a great routine down. I have become much more comfortable with the cloth diapers and am now taking her in public (Dr's office, church, errands, etc) in them. I only have one kiddo in diapers, and this is the system that works for us: 

1) When I remove a wet diaper, I remove the insert and place the insert and the pocket diaper in a wet bag that sits in our downstairs bathroom. If it has a bowel movement, I remove the insert and place it in the wet bag. Then I swish the pocket diaper in the toilet, spray it with Bac Out, and place it in the wet bag. 

2) Once the wet bag is full, I carry it upstairs, dump it inside out into the washing machine.  Then I run the rinse and spin cycle on my washing machine. 

3) After they have been rinsed, I add my laundry detergent (Country Save from Azure Standard), and then set my washing machine. I set it to whitest whites, highest soil level, and add an extra soak. All in all to run both cycles, it takes about 2 hours to wash the diapers.

4) After the diapers are washed, I hang all of the pockets to dry. Then, if I have another load of laundry that needs to be dried, I will add the clean inserts and run them through the drier. If I do not have another load to dry, I hang them to dry as well.

5) Once everything is dry, I stuff the diapers and store them back in the basket where I change her diapers. 

It's a very simple process - the hardest part is remembering to go and start the wash cycle after having done a rinse cycle on the diapers. So far, we have not had to strip our diapers as this method seems to be working well with our water hardness level and her digestive system. 

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