Sunday, July 20, 2014

Gardening with Baby Girl

Meghan goes outside to help Mama harvest in the garden every other day or so! She's a super cute helper!!

Guarding today's harvest :)

Tips for having baby "help" in the garden:

  • Put baby in a sturdy wrap or carrier - I often strip Meghan down to a diaper (it's hot in Kansas!) and put her in the K'tan with the wrap for extra support or in the Ergo. I'm looking forward to being able to strap her onto my back in the Ergo soon! 
  • If baby's head isn't completely covered in the carrier (ex. sitting in the stroller or a bouncy chair or being carried in arms) put on a bucket hat to protect baby's face from the sun! Daddy came out with us this day and carried Meghan the whole time - her head wasn't tucked into the K'tan, so she wore her hat. 
  • Talk. Talk. Talk. Gardening is a huge passion around here - I'm pretty sure that given all she has heard about it, if Meghan could talk she could give you a tour of all the plants in our garden, their colors, how they get eaten, water needs of different plants, nutrient needs of different plants, bugs to appreciate and beware of, the tasks Mama needs to work on in the garden, and Mama's thought for the gardens next year. Babies need to hear lots of speech to develop their own language & speech. Talk to baby about gardening - there is so much to say! 

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