Thursday, April 17, 2014

Milk Carton Cloches for Early Planting

When it comes time to plant seed starts that can go out before danger of frost is past, I always worry about the little guys and their weak stems. They are not very strong, but when it's time to put them out, it's best to let them out there. Here in Kansas the winds are strong on a calm day and can bend these little plants over without a storm!

So, I tried something new last year and it seemed to work well.

When I planted my tiny little seedlings in the garden, I covered them with cloches made from milk cartons. It's not one of the most attractive things, but it worked well!

To make these cloches, simply cut the top of the milk carton off at about the point where the sides become straight. Plant your seed in the ground, place the milk carton over the top, and then push down to get it set in the dirt.

Check under your cloches frequently to be sure that the plants are getting enough water from the soil around them, that mold or moss are not growing in the cloche, and that the plant is not maxing out it's space.

(Strong little plants out of their cloches!)

These worked incredibly well for me last year and my little plants grew good and strong. I plan to use this same plan again this year and have been saving milk cartons so that we will be ready!

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