Sunday, December 15, 2013

Choosing to Cloth Diaper

We are choosing to cloth diaper our daughter when she arrives. I doubt that comes as a surprise to readers of this blog! We made this choice for several reasons:

  1. Health - I am allergic to so much in foods, detergents, chemicals/materials, would stand to reason that our little one will likely have allergies of some sort as well. Knowing about all of the chemicals that make disposable diapers work, I would like to keep those off of her bottom as much as possible. 
  2. Environment - We like to make choices that are responsible for the environment. A child goes through thousands of diapers in a lifetime - by choosing to use cloth we are reducing our environmental footprint. Especially if we use them for more than one child!
  3. Money Saving - This could be debated endlessly - does the cost of the extra laundry outweigh the cost of not buying disposables. But, we have bought diapers for very low prices, have a high efficiency washer, the ability to hang the diapers to dry, and have been sure to have enough diapers to only need to wash when the diaper loads will be full. I am positive that cloth diapering will save our family money. 
  4. Cute Factor - I mean, seriously....wait till you see these things! 
We are going a very frugal route with our cloth diapers (we got everything we purchased and the supplies for what I made for less than the price of 18 Bum Genius diapers) - and supporting a great cause at the same time! Most of our cloth diapering supplies came from Assunta. This company is run by Christian missionaries who are running an orphanage for disabled Chinese orphans - a cause that Cole and I definitely want to support. These are the diapers that they use on the orphans and also sell as a method of making money to support their mission. We haven't used the diapers yet, obviously, but I have been impressed with the quality upon inspection, their prices (seriously! check them out and compare to more well-known companies!) and their customer service. As a bonus, each package (we have gotten two) has come with a "freebie"! 

Here's what we ordered in our first order, when we made a very basic gender neutral order: 
11 one size tuckable diaper covers (4 pul, 7 minkie) - I purchased one small and one large Thirsties Duo cover to compare these to - they don't get quite as small as the smallest setting on the small cover, but get close to it and they get as big as the largest size on the large setting of the large Duo cover

10 one size pocket diapers (all minkie) - these have been compared to Bum Genius in several reviews that I have read and watched on You Tube (and, yes, purple stars are gender neutral in K-State Wildcat territory!)

3 small wetbags - these will each hold a few cloth diapers; they aren't big enough for holding laundry loads of diapers, but should be great in the diaper bag

1 microfiber insert, 2 hemp inserts - these were the "freebie" with his package! 

When we made this order we said we were fine with a little girl wearing dinosaurs, camo, etc. diapers, but that we would order a few cute girl prints if/when we had a girl. We also said that a few more pocket diapers would be nice to have as they are easier for babysitters/grandparents if they are willing to try out cloth diapers with us. They will also probably be easier to take to church or other public places with us. So, we made a second order: 

We ordered: 
3 packages of flushable liners
11 hemp inserts 
2 gender neutral minkie prints (one-size pockets) - they were sold out of these prints when we made our first order 
3 pink printed super girly minkie one-size pockets
They threw in a pink monkey printed wet bag as our "freebie"! 

So, that brings our total number of items from Assunta to: 
  • 15 one-size pocket diapers (15 minkie)
  • 11 one-size tuckable covers (4 PUL, 7 minkie)
  • 13 hemp inserts 
  • 1 microfiber insert 
  • 3 packages of flushable diaper liners 
  • 4 small wetbags
In addition to this, we have purchased: 
  • 1 Thirsties Duo size small cover (Amazon)
  • 1 Thirsties Duo size large cover (Amazon)
  • 3 Snappis (Amazon)
  • 2 large Planet Wise wet bags (we will use these to store dirty diapers at the house for laundry - one in her room and one in the bathroom) (Amazon)
  • tons of microfiber cloths to stuff in pocket diapers (Costco)
To stuff the diapers and fill the covers I made tons of homemade prefolds. I used flannel scraps, second hand sheet sets in good condition, and flannel receiving blankets (many people are willing to basically or completely give away these blankets - basically unused - at garage sales) for the exterior of the diaper and used terry cloth towels for the middle part of the prefold. They were super easy to sew, and I will probably do a blog post about how I made them in the future. I made 25 small prefolds and 32 large prefolds. 

From the scrap fabric from making the prefolds, I also made cloth wipes - we have 50ish of these. They are super soft and super cute! I will also probably write a post about how I made these as well. 

The final thing that I made for our cloth diapering are some fleece diaper liners. These were made out of fleece pajama pants that no longer fit me and cut to the size of the inner part of the prefold diapers. 

Our plan when making our purchases was to have enough diapers to be able to diaper two babies at one time if we end up with kiddos who are in diapers at the same time. I think we have plenty to make that plan work! 

I hope to update more down the road about our cloth diapering experiences and what we find works well for our family. I am excited for our little miss to start wearing some of these super-cute super-soft diapers!

** If you're interested in ordering from Assunta, and would like to help us earn points at the store, leave me a comment and I can send you a referral link. We'd appreciate it :)


Updated when Meghan was a bit older; here's what we were using!

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