Friday, May 10, 2013

Finding My Way Eating Gluten Free

For the past several months I've been scouring the internet, recipe books, the library, pinterest, and friend's brains in going gluten free, I think I've begun finding the way that I enjoy eating gluten free. I call it paleoish....
I eat a lot of meat, a lot of veggies, and a lot of fruit. I also eat quite a bit of dairy, oats, and peanut butter....which are not really considered paleo.
I've tried several types of breads, even posted some of the recipes here on the blog...but what I think that I've decided in the end is that I'm happier without many carbs in my diet. I eat some pasta dishes. I have a waffle recipe and a pizza crust/bun recipe that I LOVE. And sometimes a "bread" just sounds yummy (especially at Jason's Deli!).
But many of the foods that I absolutely loved before going gluten free no longer have the same appeal - I would rather eat produce instead.
I have come to love spreading some cream cheese over lettuce leaves (choose your favorite type), adding lunch meat, and rolling it up. I would rather have that than a sandwich on sandwich bread most of the time.
Eggs scrambled and mixed with fried hashbrowns and bacon/ham (and, if you like - salsa or tabasco) is also super yummy eaten with a fork; it doesn't need rolled up into a burrito shell as a breakfast burrito.

It's a constant experience and I'm always trying new things and making new yummy food discoveries - something that is a bit scary and all together exciting!
All this to say...while I still have several pasta/bread type foods that I like a great thing has come from going gluten free - I have drastically increased my intake of real foods, more specifically, produce as a part of meals. And that has been great - both for flavor, variety, and my health!

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