Friday, March 8, 2013

Preserving Salad Greens

I love being able to purchase salad greens in bulk at Costco, however, I hate how quickly said healthy greens go bad. I love being able to take a simple salad to work for lunch, however, I hate preparing said healthy greens in the morning. We have found a great solution!
Salad greens can be preserved in mason jars that have been vacuum sealed. I have kept these salads in my fridge for up to two weeks without any noticeable change in quality.  We purchased a vacuum sealer and the canning lid attachment. All that is required is to chop all of the heads of lettuce (I like romaine from Costco), fill the jars with a bit of head room, attach the lid (no ring), attach the vacuum sealed attachment, and vacuum seal. In an hour or less I can prepare two weeks worth of salad greens.
In the morning, I simply grab a jar and lunch is ready. I have a bowl, forks, and salad dressings at work already. Super easy way to eat a healthy lunch!

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