Friday, March 8, 2013

Building Raised Bed Gardens

My vegetable gardening space is AMAZING - thanks totally to my hunk of a man, Cole! He built me 8 4x12 garden beds and they are perfect for gardening!
We loosely followed these directions.
First we chose the area where we wanted to place the beds and had our local utilities marked - it would be a pity to have my garden beds torn up to replace an internet cable!
Then, my sweet hubby marked the corners of all of the beds and drove posts to remind him of their locations.
He cut all of the wood and I helped to carry it to it's final location. Then he attached the corners to a stake in the ground with deck screws.
My beautiful beds sat dirt less for a few days until we had 8 tons of dirt delivered and poured - then we spread it out to fill the whole space.
It was incredible to watch my sweet hubby build the beds that I have been dreaming of for several years - I am so blessed to have such a supportive man as the head of our home.
And, now those beds are ready to enter their second season of bursting with veggies and fruit ready for us to eat!
(Note we followed a very similar process to put protective boxes around our fruit trees.)

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