Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ordering from Azure Standard

For a few months, I have been posting my Azure Standard purchases on the blog; I think it's high time I explain how the process of ordering works!
When I first looked into Azure Standard, I was completely overwhelmed and so I put it out of my mind and determined that figuring the system out was too difficult.
However, being diagnosed with celiac made purchasing gluten free foods in bulk (for less money than high-end grocery stores) a necessary reality. At the same time, a few friends were interested in figuring out how to order from Azure Standard and the three of us sat down to figure out how to make it work for us.
While intimidating the first time we ordered, ordering from Azure Standard is now just another task that I complete each month. In short, here is how the system works:
1) Determine if Azure Standard delivers to your area.
2) Sign up for an account with Azure Standard and start searching for foods that you would be interested in ordering. Or, look at the current specials. You can order a catalog, but that feels very intimidating because of the wealth of products available through Azure!
3) Contact Azure Standard to find the drop manager in your area. You will need to know your drop number when placing your order.
4) Make your order - your credit card will be charged when the order is loaded on the truck. Your order needs to be at least $50; if it is less you will be charged an additional fee. One way that we overcome this is to have two people put in one order together and then split the purchase between ourselves.
5) Your drop manager will contact your with the time to expect your order to be in. On the pick up day, you and the others who ordered at your drop will meet the truck. At this point, the truck will be unloaded. Each person's order is packaged individually. After gathering your items you are able to take your goodies home and divy them up with friends - and enjoy yummy food purchased in bulk to help keep the cost down!
Azure's "Getting Started Guide" can be found here.

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