Friday, December 7, 2012

Granny's Favorite Dishcloth

This is one of my favorite patterns to knit. They knit up super fast and are so great to use while washing dishes!
The (easy) pattern:
  1. Chain three.
  2. Knit two. Yarn over. Knit to end of row.
  3. To Increase: Repeat row two until your dishcloth is the size (corner to corner) that you desire. I usually do 35 stitches for a washcloth and 40-45 for a dishcloth.
  4. To decrease: Knit one. Knit two together. Yarn over. Knit two together. Knit to end of row.
  5. Finish off when there are three stitches left on your needle.
(some of our dishcloth collection)

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