Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My Celiac Journey :: Part Two

This is part two of the story of my first year with celiac disease. The rest of the story is here:
My Celiac Journey Part One
After Thanksgiving, my type A personality kicked in - we bought a grain grinder, began ordering food in bulk through Azure Standard, researched alternative medicine, ordered supplements, homeopathic, and natural remedies, and read several books on the topic of celiac disease and other nutrient based illnesses.
I began sleeping through the night. No longer was I awakened by intense abdominal cramping and an upset stomach while my body tried to digest food that it did not have the ability to digest. Nor was I awake multiple nights in a row for seemingly no reason. I was able to engage and interact with my students during the day and come home to do the same with my husband - a huge change from being so exhausted that I could not move in the evening.
Celiac is an autoimmune disease - thus, my immune system had been in full attack mode for years. As my body began to heal, I noticed that my students could be sick and I would remain healthy. My immune system had the ability to combat the illness as it was no longer attacking itself.
Over the next several months, I continued to lose weight as my body continued to heal. My intestines, which had been so swollen that they were visible (increasing my pants size and making me appear to be in the early weeks of pregnancy), began to heal and to shrink back to size. Over the next nine months, I would lose a total of 50 pounds - weight gained while incredibly sick and lost in the healing process. I dropped 2 pants sizes and 2-3 shirt sizes in a relatively short period of time. My bodyweight is now in my ideal BMI.
These are all GREAT things! But, the journey was not all easy; I experienced great fear, was horribly overwhelmed, and experienced a great deal of non-confidence and depression in the process of healing as well...

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